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Steamboat Springs Skiing

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado has long been believed to be the destination for ski enthusiasts. The history of American skiing was literally writing in the state and Colorado continues to be the preferred romping grounds of legendary skiers even today. The city of Steamboat Springs in Colorado, once an obscure settlement is today one of the best ski towns in the country.

Steamboat Springs if often called Ski Town USA for its natural abundance of ski slopes and winter activities. The area has generated more skiing champions and Olympic medal winners than any other place in the United States. The first ski jump was built in Steamboat Springs as early as 1913, by the Norwegian entrepreneur Carl Howelsen. The area has been named in his honor as the Howelsen Hill Ski Area and is till date, the oldest and largest ski complex in continuous use within the entire North American continent. Carl Howelsen also instated the annual Winter Carnival, which remains to this date the highlight of a visit to Steamboat Springs. The Carnival is essentially a competitive ski racing and jumping event for amateurs and brings together some of the best international talent. Other events in the Carnival include dog-sled racing and chariot runs.

Another popular ski site is Mount Werner located a little out of the town with in the Routt National Forest. Its large ski area of nearly 3000 acres is mostly under the care of the Steamboat Ski Resort. Mount Werner offers about 164 trails from beginner to advanced levels and that still leaves space for longest skiing superpipe in the United States. The area also receives the highest amount of snowfall in Colorado and as a result is ski-friendly for most part of the year. The best time, however for skiing in Steamboat Springs is late summer and early spring. The climate and the slopes are the most congenial at these times and hundreds flock to the city to catch the skiing scene. The safety levels are also the lowest in the peak seasons and accidents are not uncommon so visitors are advised to travel in groups.