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Dream Maker X-100 Portable Spa Hot Tub Review

Relaxing in a spa is a wonderful way for your body to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. If you’re new to the world of spas you probably want one which can be setup with a minimum of fuss yet doesn’t skimp on performance or features.

The Dream Maker X-100 Portable Spa Hot Tub is a 5 person spa which is portable for convenience, easy to set up yet still packs in plenty of power with its high performance pump and hydrotherapy jets. Can the dream maker make your dreams come true or does it fall short? Read on further to find out.

Features of Dream Maker X-100 Portable Spa Hot Tub

  • Five person seating capacity
  • State of the art BALBOA digital controls
  • 5 hydrotherapy jets with side air controls
  • Lightweight and 100% portable
  • 1.5 horse power pump and motor
  • 110 volts operation
  • Full foam insulation for lower operating costs

Five person seating capacity

If you’re looking for a hot tub for your family then the Dream Maker is ideal with its 5 person seating capacity. It can become too cramped with 5 adults though however so if you’re not looking for a family spa then I’d recommend this for no more than 4 adults.

Lightweight and 100% portable

Weighing only 190 pounds, the Dream Maker X-100 is both lightweight and portable giving you the convenience to move it to your desired location when you fancy a change. If you have sufficient room in your home, you can even bring it inside in the winter so you can live the dream all year round. If you do bring it indoors, ensure that you put it on a very solid surface (ideally concrete).


The spa plugs into a standard 110 volts outlet so no costly additional electrical work is required, allowing you to get started heating your hot tub quickly.

Heating the spa does take quite a while. It takes approximately 20 hours to reach 100 degrees if you fill it with water at 70 degrees. However, at sub 70 degrees temperatures it takes a lot longer to heat up so if you live in a colder region, be prepared for a longer wait.

The full foam insulation has a 1.8 lb. density which is designed to lower operating costs in addition to being beneficial for the environment.

5 hydrotherapy jets with side air controls

The 5 hydrotherapy jets are powered by a 1.5 horse power pump which has been engineered to deliver high performance. The side air controls allow you to alter the amount of air which goes into the jet system enabling you to find the perfect mix of air and water for a relaxing massage after a hard day.

The round circular shape of this hot tub means you feel the high pressure of the jets at all angles providing you an immersive spa experience.

Final Thoughts

On the downside, the Dream Maker X-100 Portable Spa Hot is only suitable for indoors or mild weather so if you live in a colder region then it will take longer to heat the water up to your desired temperature.

Dream Maker have packed in some nice extra features such as a color changing waterfall which adds to the ambience when you’re relaxing in the water. The jets are powerful and therapeutic thanks to the high performance pump so you’ll likely find yourself spending many hours in it. Overall, it is an excellent choice for someone who wants portability and convenience from a spa but doesn’t want to sacrifice on performance.