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5 Reasons to Hate Skiing

Skiing – when you see shows on television, it looks so cool and exciting. You wish you knew how to ski. Here’s a reality check: skiing is, in reality, a rather dangerous sport. I certainly love the adrenalin rush of other sports. But there are just some things about this sport that are simply not for me. Let me tell you about the five reasons to hate skiing:

It is a frightening sport – if you’ve ever been skiing, you know that just before you go down the slope, everyone will be standing around and clumsily looking over their maps because they have those large gloves on. Well, that’s not why I hate skiing. It is actually the wait to go down the slope. Yes, as you see people whooshing down, it’s the speed and the height that’s especially frightening when you wait your turn. It isn’t as bad as you sometimes think it is, but waiting with bated breath as you ready yourself to ski is the hard part.

Freezing winter cold – I hate the cold which is why I would prefer to go to the beach in a tropical country during wintertime. But no, I find myself in a mountain with freezing weather which is even worse than the winter at home. Yes, my face is numb and I’m starting to feel the cold right through the bones. The only relief is when I can finally go back to the resort.

Injuries – falling is part of learning how to ski. Even the professionals still lose their balance at one time or another. Well, in my case, I managed to scrape the side of my eye, bruise my cheek, and bang my nose so hard it bled. Nothing serious really since I know my limitations. But I hate getting injured; it’s not fun at all.

It’s expensive – one time, I decided, that’s it. I’ll give skiing a real try so I hired an instructor. The instructor I got was friendly enough but sure enough, it didn’t work out. First, we went through the nursery slopes, which was alright. Finding yourself in the kids’ section is not exactly my cup of tea. And when it comes to trying out the harder slopes, words just fail me, I am scared of heights.

Everyone says it’s easy – this is why I find myself in a ski resort in the first place. Everyone keeps on insisting it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s a great sport you should do annually. Meanwhile, my heart has dropped to my stomach while people all around me think what a great day for skiing it is.

So that’s it; the five reasons why I hate skiing. I’m sure that I’m not the only one out there in this situation. Ha, probably thousands all over the world go through this nightmare every single year with their families. Hang on though, some people do get over it. In fact, some even start to love skiing.